A&J Fabtech is the UK’s largest manufacturer of bespoke economisers and heat exchangers. We can offer design and manufacture for a wide variety of applications and duties and have references for Coal Fired Power Stations, Energy from Waste Sites, Gas Fired Boilers, Sludge Incineration facilities to name but a few.

The largest units we have built so far are 500MW units for UK Coal Fired Power Stations and the smallest units are heat recovery systems for package boilers.

Supply options range from complete units with casings and headers supplied as a built up units, or loose coils, supports and headers typically on larger units that have to be built up on site. The choice of heat recovery surface and materials of construction is carefully selected to suit the fuel and operating environment. This may be plain tube, cast iron, spiral fin, aluminium fin or welded gill. Typical materials include carbon steels, alloys, ferritic and austenitic stainless steel.

Critical materials such as the base tube are only ever sourced from Western European suppliers, typically UK, German or French Steel Mills. All finning is carried out within the EU with all tubes (except aluminium fin) coming from the Ekstroms state of the art Swedish manufacturing facility

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