A&J’s tube manipulation capability is ideally suited to the requirements of the power generation and Petro-Chemical processing industries. The tube bending capability of our equipment and its operators is central to the high-performance boiler, heat exchanger and economiser fabrications we design and manufacture for these key industries.

Our SchwarzeWirtz boost bending machines are widely accepted as the best in the World for boiler manufacture and it’s no surprise. The SchwarzeWirtz CNC80DB at the A&J Fabtech manufacturing facility has a full power boost along with 3 axis manipulation and CNC control making this machine ideal for very close control of ovality and thinning.

Bends of < I D can be produced and tube sizes up to 89mm OD with an 8mm wall thickness can be processed. It is also possible to successfully bend smaller diameter tube with a wall thickness greater than 8mm.

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