A&J Fabtech brings considerable experience to fixed bridge scrapers, providing end users with a low maintenance solution that offers a reduced total cost of ownership.

For demanding applications such as those in the water treatment sector, high quality products with low maintenance requirements open the door to increased efficiency. This protects savings made at initial purchase, ensuring a low cost solution stays as exactly that.

A&J Fabtech offers a wide range of full and half-bridge fixed scrapers to allow end users to specify a cost effective solution perfectly suited to the requirements. We can protect your investment through affordable design, supply and installation services, ensuring that you stay on schedule and to budget. Minimal maintenance requirements over the scraper’s operational lifetime further compounds these cost saving benefits.

Our fixed bridge scraper capacity extends from a few metres to well over 30 metres in diameter, all dependent on end user specification, with all specification work supported by our highly qualified engineers.

Modular design and construction allows increased versatility for varying application specifications, while also enabling reduced build times even for bespoke structures. A full range of accessory components further complements this approach, which couple together the desired characteristics of durability and affordability.

The full range of fixed bridge scraper options includes:

  • Specialised below water construction materials
  • Weir cleaning equipment
  • Launder cleaning equipment
  • GRP on-tank features
  • Scum control systems
  • Full service electrical support
  • Full service mechanical support

At A&J Fabtech, we offer a truly complete approach. We guarantee reliability by conducting all aspects of the design, manufacturing, supply and testing processes. As a result, you can gain full support from one dedicated source, greatly reducing lead times for required services or components. We will therefore know your system, and application, inside out.

We can offer a full turnkey solution, from electrical to mechanical, from site surveys to maintenance and after sales support. When we specify your system, our focus on quality, but also your investment criteria, is absolute.

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