A&J Ekströms is a joint venture partnership between A&J Fabtach Ltd and Ekströms Värmetekniska AB of Sweden


The combined experience and expertise of these two companies offers clients an unrivalled quality service in design, contract management and manufacture of extended surface economisers, heat recovery equipment and custom pressure parts. Within the A&J Group, A&J Fabtech Ltd undertakes all fabrication, welding, testing, delivery and where necessary on-site installation and comissioning of equipment, whilst A&J Ekstroms handles design, contracts and project management of all economiser and pressure part work.

Ekströms Värmetekniska AB is a highly respected Swedish company, founded in 1905. Throughout its 100 year history it has remained a family owned private company and for many years has enjoyed triple ‘A’ financial status. The company’s modern, finned-tube manufacturing facility in the south of Sweden has state of the art QA facilities and a highly skilled workforce offering clients the comfort of a rapid-response and guaranteed highest quality manufacture.

The A&J Ekströms partnership can fairly claim to be the leading European economiser supplier, particularly in regard to the design and manufacture of extended surface units. They have over 40 years of combined expertise in the field of heat recovery from the combustion of a wide range of solid fuels and the associated application of parallel Welded Gill heat exchange surfaces, commonly known as welded gill economisers.

The company has established heat transfer correlations and design criteria for an extensive range of gilled fin geometries, which enables A&J Ekströms to offer proven solutions to their clients.

The A&J Group of Companies covers a diverse range of activities, all linked through a core competence for precision, high-quality design and manufacture…