Having supplied high quality fabricated products to multiple industries, including the demanding rail and water sectors, A&J Fabtech also has the versatility to deliver entirely bespoke solutions.

We utilise a state-of-the-art fabrications facility which contains the most modern equipment, allowing our high trained engineers to enact the latest techniques to achieve truly bespoke products. Our fabrications design team can work in tandem to your requirements, originating blueprints and liaising with the fabrications department. Via this integrated approach we can reduce lead times to suit your schedule.

We can provide products such as:



Crane beam fabrications


Burners for power stations

Pump bases

Casing fabrications for heat exchangers

Complicated chutes and plate work

All fabricated products are supplied to relevant industry certifications, ensuring end users can expect quality. In addition, we can also offer innovative materials such as GRP to add a truly modern aspect to your structure. Furthermore, we store the blueprints of your structures so that we can effectively maintain them throughout operational lifetime. Contact us today to learn more.

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