The highest quality finned or extended surface tubing is at the heart of every economiser and heat exchange system project we undertake. Base tube is only ever sourced from Western European suppliers and.all finning is carried out (except aluminium fin) at the Ekströms state of the art Swedish manufacturing facility.

Our systems utilise three main types of finned tube;

  • Single or double steel finned tube

Allows a more compact unit design with less weight than plain or cast iton tubing, which helps reduce the capital cost. Parallel channels between the tubes provides improved gas flow plus easier maintenance and cleaning.

  • Solid or segmented helical fin tube

Ideal for clean fuels such as natural gas this is a lightweight and highly cost effective option. The fin / tube contact area is high frequency welded on all Ekstroms sprial fin tube to ensure the best possible levels of heat transfer.

  • Cast iron compound tube

For excellent performance in tough conditions such as high sulphur or lower temperatures, this type of finned tube is one of the original designs manufactured by Ekstroms combining a finned cast sleeve and plain steel tube of pressure vessel quality.

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