A&J Fabtech control the design and manufacture of a wide range of pressure parts and pressure part components to BS1113, BS EN12952, PD5500, PED/2014/68/EU from a variety of materials including alloys and stainless steels.

In addition to design and manufacture a wide range of other services can be provided both on site and off site to compliment our supply of our pressure part fabrications. These include heat treatment, non destructive testing such as radiographic examination, ultrasonic examination, MPI, DPI and hydrostatic pressure testing.

We also have local specialist partners that enhance our in-house services by providing facilities such as ACAS accredited metallurgical services both on and off site, as well as on-site erection capabilities to the necessary standards and codes for the industries we serve.etc.

Our own full time inspectors plus third party inspection authorities such as Lloyds and RSA are always present to verify and ensure compliance with the necessary international specifications / standards and individual customers’ requirements.

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