As an extension of our pressure part and economiser facilities we have developed our own exclusive in-house specialist process for overlay welding of wear resistant hard facing materials including the water-cooled overlay of boiler tubes using superalloys such as Inconel.
Overlay welding is a highly effective method of providing protection against chemical corrosion and physical erosion for pressure parts, particularly within boilers and incinerators on energy from waste plants.

Inconel 625 is the most common material we use for the overlay welding process due to its extreme resistance to physical erosion, although we are also highly experienced with other materials including Nickel-Chrome, Monel and Colmonoy.

The spiral overlap pattern of our overlay welding process provides complete cover of the underlying metal offering total protection and significantly increasing the operational life of the coated components. This in turn results in fewer unplanned boiler outages, reduced requirement for component replacement and an increase in maintenance intervals.

All our welding procedures are carried out in accordance with British / European and ASME IX standards.

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