Our newly formed Tanks Division was launched in April 2018 after A&J Fabtech successfully secured a Distribution Agreement with Permastore who are recognised internationally as the leader in bolted tank technology.

With hundreds of thousands of structures installed in 110 countries around the world; we are delighted to be the latest partner to a company that has been at the forefront of bolted tank technology and installations over the last 59 years; continuing to grow and develop into new areas.

Our own engineering heritage, design, manufacturing and installation skills were central to Permastore’s decision to enter into a partnership agreement with A&J Fabtech. Together we will deliver a fully integrated and engineered solution to the marketplace that is unrivalled by our competition and will allow our clients to purchase a packaged solution that will incorporate many of our current product offerings and will also see more products being developed.

More information on the individual products are detailed below and more information on Permastore can be found at www.permastore.com