Our Glass-fused-to-steel-tanks are produced in the UK in partnership with Permastore and have been in use for decades, providing excellent Service and Design Life with minimum maintenance. Providing TRIFUSION® Grade quality as a minimum, the operational performance of this product will meet or exceed any specifications.

Glass-Fused-to-Steel (GFS), also known as Glass-Lined-Steel (GLS), is the ultimate tank and silo solution utilising a proven product with significant benefits to customers, consultants and contractors, over other types of tank and silo construction.

TRIFUSION® has rightfully become the standard by which all other finishes are assessed. This proven high quality, contact surface finish, sets the benchmark for use in the more demanding areas of industrial effluent treatment and sludge digestion. An additional protective layer, together with the zero-discontinuity finish (defect free at test voltage), tested at an exacting 1100 Volts, provides exceptional security and continuous protection.

In 2000, a detailed Design Life review of PERMASTORE® Glass Fused to Steel tanks and silos, determined that their products are suitable for a minimum design life in excess of 30 years. The evaluation included experience – accrued over a period extending over 40 years – in association with the evolution of the design, third party assessment and an ongoing commitment to a programme of continuous product development and improved quality. The conclusion of this evaluation provides a sound basis for compliance with ISO 15686-1:2011ISO 15686-2:2012 and ISO 15686-3:2002.


It is also important to differentiate between the terms ‘Design Life’ and ‘Service Life’:

  • Design Life is the service life intended by the designer.
  • Service Life is the period of time after installation during which a building or its parts meets or exceeds the performance requirements.

The expected Service Life should therefore be equal to or greater than the Design life.

The earliest Glass Fused to Steel tanks supplied for Industrial/Municipal applications have a proven service history of at least 40 years and therefore it is reasonable to conclude that PERMASTORE® Glass Fused to Steel tanks will provide a Service Life in excess of 50 years, when installed in accordance with P132 “Construction Guide for Tanks and Silos”, when used in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations and when maintained on a routine basis in accordance with P110 “Tanks & Silos Inspection & Maintenance Manual”.

The evidence is that PERMASTORE® products are equal to or significantly better than any other containment solution currently available. Glass Fused to Steel tanks provide a well-proven, cost effective, readily adaptable and easily maintainable storage solution with an established performance pedigree.