A&J Fabtech Water Division offers a dedicated team of experienced individuals who provide the capability to design, manufacture and install a wide range of standardised and bespoke products for the water treatment industry in addition to working with customers to problem solve on existing plant. At every stage our team is focused on engineering the best possible solutions to ensure that equipment evolves to become increasingly cost effective and efficient in service.

We are one of only a few UK based companies that not only designs and manufactures a range of scraping equipment in-house but also has the capacity to meet the needs of the water industry and current legislation BSEN 1090, not just on rotating half bridges but on a full range of rotary scrapers and thickeners for both dirty and clean water applications. We are also  registered suppliers on the UVDB database and are UVDB Verify accredited.

Fixed Bridge Scrapers

A&J Fabtech brings considerable experience to fixed bridge scrapers, providing end users with a low maintenance solution that offers a reduced total cost of ownership.

Rotating Half Bridge Scrapers

A cost effective solution for removing settled sludge and scum from circular settlement tanks, half-bridge scrapers from A&J Fabtech offer performance excellence in water treatment technology.

Picket Fence Thickeners

At A&J Fabtech, we can offer picket fence thickeners in a range of high quality materials and sizes entirely dependent on your specifications.

DAF Skimmers

Dissolved air flotation skimmers (DAF) from A&J Fabtech offer a highly effective solution for removing impurities from the surface of dirty water.

Maintenance and Refurbishments of Existing Equipment

Our experience over a quarter of a century servicing equipment for the water treatment industry means we can repair all major and associated equipment within your facility, but also bring the expertise to specify when total replacement may be the better long term option.

Rotating 3/4 and Full Bridge Scrapers

A&J Fabtech full bridge scrapers constitute the perfect selection for large processing tanks up to 50 metres in diameter. Our range of three-quarter scrapers are also available for moderately sized tanks.

Sludge Thickeners

A&J Fabtech sludge thickeners are designed for both clean and dirty water applications. Product quality is guaranteed by our decades of design, installation and maintenance experience.

DAF Scrapers

A wide range of dissolved air flotation (DAF) scrapers are available from A&J Fabtech, specifically designed to efficiently collect solids and impurities from dirty or clean water tanks.

Tanks/Vessels and Pipework

A&J Fabtech provide a full design and production service for tanks and vessels through our dedicated manufacturing centre.

Equipment Inspection and Reports

A&J Fabtech offer services well beyond product support. Our expertise means we regularly carry out inspections, assessments and gather reports on all types of water treatment equipment for operators.