A&J Fabtech can ensure your safe access to the difficult-to-reach sections of your facility, with our platforms and gantries granting free movement throughout operational areas. Gantries and platforms offer a much safer alternative to ladders and scaffolding – minimising the risks of slipping or inadequate footing.

Furthermore, with freedom of movement, your personnel can navigate the facility with increased efficiency, maximising your productivity.

We offer a wide range of standard walkways, stairs, ladders and roof access units with the capability to combine this selection with custom made parts to achieve bespoke access systems. All structures are fitted with handrails, non-slip surfaces and other associated features. In most cases, we will also provide anchor points for the integration of fall arrestors and abseiling ropes for increased accessibility and safety support.

A&J Fabtech offer a choice of durable materials. These include galvanised mild steel, painted carbon steel, stainless steel and glass reinforced plastic materials. For corrosive or hygienic environments, we specifically recommend a stainless steel variant.

As a total solution provider, we can offer survey, design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance support.

Our surveys are conducted by experts who adhere to the latest regulatory standards when designing your access systems and gauging the requirements of your facility. This will ensure your system is legal and safe, while also incorporating planning for vital features such as straightforward exit routes in case of emergency.

We constantly refer to Working at Height regulations, indoor and outdoor safety recommendations and the current guidelines with regards to emergency equipment placement. We can therefore provide a truly accurate risk assessment and originate a dependable access system from the resulting survey.

In addition, we provide specific solutions for the securing of platforms and gantries. Whether masonry, sections of the plant, steel supports or older structures – we will provide all the appropriate fixings to ensure your installation is to the required standard.

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