Our great experience in supporting wastewater treatment processes means we can offer a turnkey solution for clarifiers.

Whether a rectangular or circular tank, we have a solution for your sedimentation needs. We can supply circular tanks of almost any size and regularly work on concrete tanks, with our emphasis always on enabling reliable performance throughout service life.

We also offer a wide range of scrapers and skimmers, which can be suited to fit various tank diameters thanks to a modular construction. Therefore scum and sludge that is produced by the clarifier can be collected and disposed of effectively.

Furthermore, we provide the supporting pipework and steelwork to support your clarifiers, delivered by our in-house fabrications department. High quality fabrications are available on short lead times, with custom and standard designs serviced by our design team. As a result, any additional access systems or pipework will be economical and regulatory compliant.

To further guarantee a long service life, A&J Fabtech can provide maintenance and service support to suit you. We store plans of your facility to reference for any work we carry out, meaning we can be intimate with your clarifying capacity to boost the quality of repairs or service. Our engineers can tackle both mechanical and electrical systems, ensuring that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.