Dissolved air flotation (DAF) tanks are usually either rectangular or circular in shape and are very efficient at removing suspended solids, fats, oils and greases from process or wastewater streams.

A&J Fabtech designs and manufactures scraper systems and flow control baffles that can optimise the performance of existing infrastructure.

A&J Fabtech DAF scrapers are designed to operate 24/7, so that your operations can keep running smoothly under almost any circumstances. Inherently low maintenance, a wide range of scrapers is available to suit various tank designs:

  • Chain and flight scrapers for rectangular tank systems up to 20 ft x 80 ft
  • Column supported scraper with bottom fed influent and top fed recycle, suitable for circular tanks of 50 – 85 foot diameter
  • Bridge supported scraper with side or top in feed and concentric recycle, suitable for circular tanks of less than 50 foot diameter

Scrapers can be specified to your exact requirement, as A&J Fabtech operates design and manufacturing facilities in-house, offering an integrated full service approach that can be tailored to your needs.

Drive systems are designed to be very durable and are specified with simplicity and reliability as primary concerns. This includes the use of load monitors that protect the motor and gearbox system, as well as the scrapers, in the event of a stoppage. This helps to minimise repair costs by preventing damage to the equipment.

Where circular DAF systems are employed, A7J Fabtech can provide a custom designed baffle or diffuser to optimise the performance of the process. Energy dissipating Inlets (EDI) maximise the mixing behaviour within the tank while McKinney baffles ensure the proper flow path is followed to ensure an efficient settlement process.

Most products are available in glass reinforced plastic (GRP) or steel, which both offer excellent durability and a highly reliable solution for scraping material to collection troughs or channels so that it can be disposed of. Scrapers are designed to operate for long periods without replacement.

With great expertise in the industry, A&J Fabtech can offer a standard or bespoke solution to enable the decontamination of water. Our expert engineers are able to offer guidance and solutions for every part of the project, while also offering first rate maintenance support to keep your downtime to a minimum in the worst circumstances.

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