Dissolved air flotation skimmers (DAF) from A&J Fabtech offer a highly effective solution for removing impurities from the surface of dirty water. Reliability is of paramount importance to ensure that skimmers are able to operate for long periods, so solids and impurities can be disposed of properly.

Regular passage of the skimmer can ensure that scum or slick can be effectively collected as it bubbles to the surface, offering increased efficiency in the collection of impurities. Collected material is funnelled into side troughs, where it is then sent for further processing.

A&J Fabtech bring decades of experience to the sector, and are able to design and manufacture DAF skimmers for both circular and rectangular tanks. These include:

  • Column supported DAF skimmer with bottom fed influent and top fed recycle, suitable for circular tanks of 50 – 85 foot diameter
  • Bridge supported DAF skimmer with side or top in feed and concentric recycle, suitable for circular tanks of less than 50 foot diameter
  • Skimmers available for rectangular tanks up to 20 ft x 80 ft

All variants can be specified for both clean and dirty water applications, with format variable depending on your requirements. We liaise directly with end users and provide recommendations on which solution is most suited to your demands.

We utilise durable drive systems based on a chain and flight design, which is designed to offer high performance and reliability to enable continual operation with low maintenance requirements.

Our skimmers can be specified with either a GRP (glass reinforced plastic) or steel arm to push materials to collection channels or pipes, offering robustness in this challenging application environment.

Due to such design benefits, operators can expert their DAF skimmer to run 24/7 under almost all conditions. Furthermore, we offer highly trained engineers to support your installation, so you have access to high quality expertise regarding your DAF skimmer whenever you may need it.

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