A&J Fabtech offer services well beyond product support. Our expertise means we regularly carry out inspections, assessments and gather reports on all types of water treatment equipment for operators.

Want to synergise your operations? Improve efficiency? Boost safety levels? Our decades of experience servicing all aspects of the water treatment industry ensures we have the personnel and wide ranging knowledge to offer accurate assessment and guidance to end users.

Whether water treatment infrastructure has been designed and installed by ourselves or others, we can offer accurate insight into the condition and performance of all systems. As a business, we store dedicated records and history of your facility, so we can be as familiar with it as you are. Through this intrinsic knowledge, we can recommend whether to repair or replace, redesign or simply leave as is.

Our engineers are trained in the latest governing legislation regarding all aspects of water processing and treatment. Assessors can identify potential risks and propose solutions on-site, enabling end users to actively tackle issues at root cause.

We utilise the modern testing machinery to achieve accurate metrics regarding every aspect of your facility. Reports can be generated in a format to suit you, and any work that we suggest will be backed by the facts.

Our assessments also allow our maintenance teams to react with increased agility, ensuring that we can solve problems encountered by end users quickly and efficiently. By utilising our large network backed by reliable assessments, as an operator you can minimise your downtime to the absolute minimum.

However our reports don’t only support you in the most extreme scenarios, they can also help to actively prevent them. Planned maintenance schedules can be originated from the information gathered by our engineers during testing, allowing end users to do everything in their power to ensure the utmost reliability and efficiency of equipment.

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