In many cases, refurbishing and proper maintenance on existing equipment can offer a more cost-effective approach than total replacement, especially for critical assets where extending service life is paramount to operational efficiency.

Our experience over a quarter of a century servicing equipment for the water treatment industry means we can repair all major and associated equipment within your facility, but also bring the expertise to specify when total replacement may be the better long term option. As manufacturing and designing equipment is the core of our Water Treatment Division, we inevitably are recalled to our earlier projects towards the end of their design life, where we can advise our clients on what steps to take next. The benefits of specifying us as a single turnkey provider, are clear.

The basis of all our refurbishment work is reliability, we agree strict operational timeframes with end users to guarantee continued performance of assets. Therefore, we can provide evidence to our customers that repairs are the justified solution in any given situation.

We weigh up the costs for refurbishment compared to total replacement, taking into account logistical, component and labour concerns, to define an optimum approach on a client by client basis. We always opt for the most successful solution based on user requirements, conducted via a thorough on-site inspection and condition report.

A&J Fabtech engineers are highly trained experts, and in many cases, as a customer, you may have contact with the same engineers who installed the original systems and associated components on-site. We also store all original design drawings on file for ease of reference, coupled with a complete associated service history to further inform decision making. This intimacy with our customer’s systems means we can make highly informed insights regarding repairs and suitable solutions.

Throughout our experience, typically wear products require the most attention. A&J Fabtech fabricated structures are designed to maximise service life, offering a dependable framework with which to work with.

Maintenance services incorporate:

  • Full on-site inspection and consultation
  • Motor refurbishment
  • Gearbox refurbishment
  • Replacement of high wear components such as bearings and scrapers
  • Full associated accessory support
  • Alterations or upgrades to existing systems
  • High quality work carried out to relevant governing legislations such as BSEN 1090

Our experience in the sector allows us to anticipate and react accordingly to the needs of your system. We foster a close relationship with our customers, so we can keep pace with their ever developing requirements throughout the lifetime of the asset. Backed by our large capacity for design, manufacture, installation and maintenance work – we can offer the confidence required to become your long term service partner.

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