It is not always necessary to replace equipment…

With a wide range of industry experience, the A&J team are happy to come along and look at existing assets, with a view to any modifications which may increase efficiency and or throughput to enhance a struggling process.

Often small changes can make a big difference: a shift in operating philosophy, a configuration change, the addition of extra equipment or features are all ways that existing assets can be modified to improve process without the need for full replacement.

When an asset is being replaced, we have ways to make the specifying of new assets drastically lower risk, and so the outcome potentially far less costly. Our scraper bridge loading analyser can take real time or logged loading measurements so that true loading on the existing asset can be ascertained. This information can then be used in the specifying of replacement assets.

At A&J Fabtech, we understand the commercial pressures our clients are under, and in the interests of building long lasting relationships, we will always look at ways of saving your time and money.