A&J Fabtech full bridge scrapers constitute the perfect selection for large processing tanks up to 50 metres in diameter. Our range of three-quarter scrapers are also available for moderately sized tanks, offering you the choice of solution to best suit your scraping requirements.

All A&J Fabtech full and three-quarter bridge scrapers are based on standardised modules which can be combined to create bespoke systems to every customer’s requirement. This standardised framework can be combined with custom components to create an optimised solution, developed to meet your needs.

The modular construction enables rapid design and construction, as components and sub-systems can be prepared well in advance in-house by A&J Fabtech. Our engineers follow specific workflows that ensure short lead times for our customers, but with the adaptability to incorporate different options and accommodate varying sizes.

Options available for A&J Fabtech bridge scrapers include:

  • Scum management systems
  • Variable speed drives
  • Bespoke inlet structures
  • Wireless load monitoring
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Loss of motion detection
  • Torque overload protection
  • Ancillary equipment including ladders, stairs, walkways and handrails

We specifically design our drives and motors to suit your application, so that they provide ample speed and power. This maximises efficiency in operation, while also safeguarding reliability, providing a cost effective and low maintenance solution.

Simple innovations also help to extend service life, such as our reversible scraper blades. Not only can these be adjusted to suit each particular tank, they are totally reversible, doubling the service life for this wear component.

We even offer full maintenance and refurbishment support when it is required for all electrical and mechanical systems at your facility.

The A&J Fabtech team has many decades of experience in the design, construction, delivery, installation and commissioning of full and three-quarter bridge scrapers. As an operator, you can benefit from our extensive expertise to define a scraping solution tailored to your exact needs.

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