A cost effective solution for removing settled sludge and scum from circular settlement tanks, half-bridge scrapers from A&J Fabtech offer performance excellence in water treatment technology.

The modular design of our half bridge scrapers ensures that we can exactly service any tank parameters and load conditions. Such an approach allows us to develop a perfect solution for your specific application requirements. Every half bridge scraper is combined with an exact drive solution, offering efficient performance with the required power and optimum speed for the application.

With a proven track record of expertise and engineering quality, A&J Fabtech is able to offer a complete package to end users. We can tackle design, construction, delivery and installation, coupled with a wide range of options – an approach that can be adapted for any budget to provide a complete turnkey solution.

A number of features serve to maximise the service life of A&J Fabtech half bridge scrapers. Automatic greasing of the slew ring bearing, plus additional optional features such as loss of motion detection and torque overload protection enhance durability and minimise maintenance requirements. Scraper mountings are also adjustable, with blades fully reversible for increased operational life.

We focus on an efficient domestic supply chain to enable short lead times for all associated components. Coupled with standardisation of major parts, end users can expect responsiveness and adherence to tight deadlines. However, our focus does not finish at the point of installation, A&J Fabtech expert engineers are also on hand to provide market-leading technical advice and support, ensuring your assets remain reliable and perform efficiently.

Optional extras for A&J Fabtech Half-bridge scrapers include:

  • Access ladders
  • Stairs
  • Walkways
  • Handrails
  • Sludge bank detection equipment
  • Torque monitoring equipment
  • Drive carriage obstruction detectors

Drive traction options include:

  • Anti-slip running surfaces
  • Defrosting heat lamps
  • Standstill detection on the idle wheel

Control baffle options:

  • Diffuser drums
  • Stamford baffles
  • McKinney baffles
  • Energy dissipating inlet baffles

All options and accessories are manufactured to meet relevant certifications, offering quality and dependability.

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