A&J Fabtech sludge thickeners are designed for both clean and dirty water applications. Product quality is guaranteed by our decades of design, installation and maintenance experience. We can supply the optimum solution for separating substances from bulk water, allowing you to dispose of unwanted material effectively.

A&J Fabtech sludge thickeners are constructed around a durable central motor and drive unit, attached to a rotating shaft that cycles collection scraper blades to gather sludge. Sludge is moved from the tank base to a central hopper outlet for collection and subsequent processing. We also offer complete thickener and tank packages for an all-encompassing solution.

Material options include:

  • Galvanised or painted mild steel
  • Duplex grade stainless steel
  • Glass coated materials

Our extensive experience in the water treatment sector has seen A&J Fabtech design, manufacture and install turnkey packages at potable water treatment plants, wastewater works, industrial plants and processing facilities – all suitably adapted for a wide range of customer and application requirements.

The efficient performance of A&J Fabtech sludge thickeners ensures the highest possible concentration of solids in produced sludge – reducing the demands of dewatering and the costs of disposal in your application.

Additional system accessories include:

  • Inlet diffusers
  • Sludge blanket monitoring systems
  • Scum control
  • Real-time sludge loading monitoring
  • Feedback systems
  • Access stairways and platforms

Our dedicated engineering team can take on every aspect of sludge thickener design, installation and installation – offering reduced lead times for clients in order to adhere to tight deadlines. Special services, such as off-site pre-wiring and pre-assembly, are available as options, further reducing logistical requirements, installation times and costs on-site. Customers can therefore be assured of a speedy and straightforward installation of a system perfectly suited to their needs.

After sales support is fully catered for, with our expert maintenance engineers on hand to protect the efficiency of your operation and minimise the risk of downtime.

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