Waste Water Tanks

Tanks and vessels form an important part of most processes in the waste water industry, whether in treatment, settlement or grey water storage. At A&J Fabtech we can design, manufacture, service and refurbish water tanks by utilising our decades of experience in the industry.

Circular stainless steel water tanks can be specified in various sizes, with our capacity allowing end users to specify a perfectly adapted tank to suit application requirements. Our design teams can work with you to originate a suitable blueprint, which can then be fabricated by our engineers for delivery on-site. In addition, we can also service square concrete variants.

For both concrete and steel water tanks, A&J Fabtech also offers a full refurbishment service, regardless of whether we originally installed the unit. Our maintenance teams complete our turnkey service offering, with trained engineers who are familiar with your system able to conduct routine assessments and repair work where necessary. We hold files and blueprints regarding your installation and application requirements, so that we can react accordingly to any issues regarding your waste water tank capacity.

Furthermore, we can deliver a full range of accessories such as access frameworks, gantry systems, skimmers, scrapers, controls and pipework to support your tank installation.

Pipework Fabrication

To complement our tank systems, A&J Fabtech offer full pipework design, fabrication and installation services. Well designed process pipework can offer greater efficiency across a whole facility, so employing our expertise regarding engineering or reassessing pipework systems can offer great benefits. We take an adaptable approach, using our innate knowledge of your system requirements to offer the most effective piping of water possible. Our state-of-the-art fabrications workshop supports all of our pipework products, offering a wide range of sizes and options to deliver an exact piping solution. Reassessments and general upkeep can also be conducted by our dedicated service teams.

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